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Trồng cà chua kiểu mới và các mẹo vặt từ vỏ đậu phộng | New way to grow tomatoes and peanut shell tips

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50 Replies to “Trồng cà chua kiểu mới và các mẹo vặt từ vỏ đậu phộng | New way to grow tomatoes & peanut shell tips”

  1. The nutritional information, along with how to make the shells into a highly beneficial soil additive & mulch is priceless knowledge!
    Thank you, I'll also share your video for others.

  2. Все круто. Одного не могу понять, зачем эти бусики из скорлупы арахиса? Причем в каком то видео были еще и из яичной скорлупы.

  3. Как классно!!! И никаких убитых животных. Невероятно красивый и светлый канал. Спасибо!)))

  4. The crab claw that is shown here, could you please share more details as how to identify is the particular variety is editable or not? Very similar plant has come up in my pots multiple times and i have plucked it out thinking its a weed. I live in Mumbai, India and we have tropical climate with heavy humidity.

  5. Vegetarian option is a very good
    Choice considering that now we might face a future meat shortage.
    We can always supplement our diet with vitamins and minerals pills.

  6. Mình thích coi kênh của bạn lắm ,bạn dậy trồng cây rất tỉ Mỷ ,sao bạn không ra nhiều kênh để mình ủng hộ bạn 🤪💕💕😃😃😃👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🥬🍇

  7. Très reconnaissante pour votre partage. De vous voir faire, recycler sans cesse, vous nourrir de vos cultures et voir la nature vous le rendre si bien, me touche profondément. Merci beaucoup.

  8. USA here…love your tips.💙💙💙..funny tho, I'm always hungry afterwards, lol👍.your meals look soooo good👍thx for the onscreen words🙂👍

  9. Wow i wonder how you can reroots the branch of tomatoes. I notice that to my parents you just plant seed direct to soil then transfer when leave comes out to another container. Never knew that can be replant the stem that could be better because is easier to wait the fruit

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